Term Limits

Special interests run this country and lobbyists control the agenda in Washington. Ted wants to pass term limits to kick out the career politicians who let it happen.


Mike Madigan and JB Pritzker are pushing a tax plan that could raise taxes on the middle classes — while helping political insiders. Ted opposes the Madigan-Pritzker tax hike and wants to freeze property taxes. In Washington he’ll go to work on making last year’s tax cuts permanent.


The federal government has $22 trillion in debt, and it’s growing every day. Ted’s a businessman who looks at financial statements for a living and no business in America would survive with all that debt. Ted wants to end the special deals and stop runaway spending to shrink the debt.


Ted is deeply concerned about the growing chorus of voices like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other socialists who are pushing policies that will take more money out of taxpayers’ pockets. As a self-made businessman who didn’t have any connections or help along the way, Ted wants to encourage the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that allowed him to realize his American Dream so that others can do the same.

Foreign Policy

Ted believes in a strong national defense and what Ronald Reagan called peace through strength. Ted knows we need to be vigilant as more threats constantly arise around the world and believes the campaign against ISIS is a blueprint for precise, limited action in cases where it is absolutely necessary.

Ted Gradel

Ted Gradel is a self-made businessman, father, and coach. He walked on to play football at Notre Dame and walked on to the business scene in Chicago without any special connections, through a lot of hard work and guts. Ted, his wife Sarah, and their three daughters have lived the American Dream. He’s running for Congress so that everyone has the same opportunity he did to achieve their own American Dream.