About Ted Gradel

Ted Gradel is a business leader, coach, athlete, husband, and father.

What he doesn’t have is a political resume. He has spent his entire adult life in the private sector.

In college, he walked on at Notre Dame to play for Lou Holtz. In 1987, he was named First Team Academic All-American and the team’s leading scorer with more points than that year’s Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Brown.

After graduating, he moved to the Chicago area to be with his high school sweetheart, Sarah. They’ve been married for nearly 30 years and have three daughters.

He applied the same drive that made him a force on the gridiron to the private sector and became a business leader. No corporate guarantees or special deals – just a lot of guts and hard work. Starting at the bottom, he traded commodities and became an investor.

Now, the free market system that rewards ingenuity and work ethic is under assault from big government liberals. That’s why Gradel is running for Congress – to fight for the principles that made America the greatest in the world.

Gradel’s proudest accomplishment isn’t his success in the private sector – it’s his active involvement in youth sports for over 20 years in the Naperville area. He’s coached over 1,500 basketball and soccer games. Until recently Gradel was a Board member and Girls Program Director for the Illinois Rockets basketball club. He’s coached his daughters at both St. Raphael grade school and the Rockets, and still coaches a 5th-grade girls team today. He understands from personal experience how much a great coach can impact a person, and he tries to bring that positive mindset to the kids he coaches.

Gradel’s platform includes term limits to kick out the career politicians in both parties. He opposes an Illinois progressive tax that would raise taxes and drive more residents from the state and put Illinois into a recession. He agrees with retired U.S. Navy Admiral Michael Mullen that the greatest threat to America’s national security is our out-of-control debt. He supports a strong military, abiding by Ronald Reagan’s maxim of “peace, through strength.”

Sarah and Ted worship at St. Raphael in Naperville. They have three daughters, two at Notre Dame and one in high school.